Progressive Paintings

Clicking on each of the paintings on this page will reveal a step by step progression until the finished stage (as shown) is reached. Click each image to see the stages in crafting the painting. All the paintings are by Christine Atkins and they show her approach to a variety of subjects. The images each take a few seconds to load and there is about 4 seconds between each stage in the step by step progression of the development of the  paintings.

Finished stage of Peach Tree
Peach Tree
The Art Teacher final stage
The Art Class under the Trees
People and food vans at an outdoor market
Easter Market, Shorncliffe
Painting of chickens scratching among banana plants
Chickens and Bananas
painting of a hatstand with flowers
Hatstand and Kitchen
Bottlebrush flowers on a lace-edged tablecloth
Bottlebrush and White Lace
Sunday Market Brisbane
Southbank Market
still life of flowers and berries, final stage
Strelitzia and Berries
Still life of a collection of teapots
Agricultural fair plowing contest
The Plowing Contest
Olden time house with fence and washing
Washing Day
Final stage of a painting of artists painting
The Half Dozen Group at St Marys
Two women having morning tea outside.
Morning Tea in the Pergola
Final stage of a shadow box painting
This, That and the Other
Prize cows at an agricultural show
Prize Show Cows
Painting of a verandah with table, lattice and potplants.
Trish's Verandah
Boats in Wynnum Creek 5
Boats in Wynnum Creek