2018 Exhibition – ‘Seeing the Light’

“Seeing the Light” was an exhibition of new pastel and oil paintings of still life subjects and outdoor sketches. Bright light is a denominator in all my paintings, whether from a spotlight on still life, or from sunlight on the landscape.

Gallery: Graydon Gallery, 29 Methyr Rd, New Farm, Brisbane

Dates: Tuesday 1st May to Sunday 13th May

2018 Exhibition

2016 Exhibition Highlights

A small selection of work that was on sale at the this exhibition:


Red white and blue

Red White and Blue
31 x 61cm

China duck

China Duck
51 x 61cm

Peach blossoms

Peach Blossoms
62 x 33cm

Plumbago and Lemons

Plumbago and Lemons
26 x 31cm


62 x 33cm

Shelves with sunflowers

Shelves with Sunflowers
61 x 51cm



61 x 43cm

Camellias with Log Cabin Quilt

Camellias with Log Cabin Quilt
49 x 39cm

Nasturtiums and ginger jar

Nasturtiums and Ginger Jar
74 x 49cm

On the shelf

On the Shelf
34 x 47cm

Rangoon creeper

Rangoon Creeper
48 x 38cm

Lemons and chook

Lemons and Chook
74 x 49cm