UncategorizedA yellow coffee pot is partly obscured by red gum blossoms.

Eucalypt Flowers

This post I have gathered together some of my paintings of gum blossoms.

Don’t forget my exhibition of new paintings which starts on Friday 15th March until 27th March at the Brisbane Institute of Art, 41 Grafton St, Windsor, 4030. I will be at the gallery 10 – 4 every day, including weekends. Please come in and say hello!

A jug of gum blossoms stands on an intricately-patterned cloth.

Gum Blossoms in a Cream Jug

Bright red flowers and deep green leaves are in a decorated bowl.

Eucalypt Flowers in a Blue and White Bowl

Red flowers and unopened buds stretch out of two glass vases.

Two Glass Vases

Red flowers and green leaves are displayed in a jug with a bird motif.

The Blue Bird

Cream Marri flowers are displayed in two blue ceramic containers.

Marri Flowers

A blue jug and two glass vases contain red flowers. A highly -decorated patchwork cloth is under the vases.

Gum Flowers and a Patchwork Cloth

An old teapot is put to use as a vase for flowers.

An Old Teapot


My next exhibition of paintings will be at the Metcalfe Gallery, Brisbane institute of Art, 41 Grafton St, Windsor, QLD, from Friday 15th March, every day 10 – 4pm, until Wednesday, 27th March 2024. The exhibition will definitely be open during those hours on Saturdays and Sundays.  Please send me a note so I can remind you before my exhibition starts, Christine.

Coral Gum flowers are in an old white coffee pot.

Coral Gum

Stems, flowers and gum leaves are loosely arranged in a tall glass vase. A small vase of daisies complements the arrangement.

Eucalypt in a Tall Glass Vase